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Tennis Training

Norrmalm Tennis Academy offers a complete and detailed results-oriented program for training and learning so that you can find your top form and succeed as a player. Our tennis training and tennis courses combine practical experience with knowledge-based teaching - take a look at our offers and contact Norrmalm Tennis Academy to learn more.

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Rackets and Net
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Beginner Training

Through this training course, students have the opportunity to drive their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, interactive way. Students acquire a strong technical framework and tools through fun and engaging exercises and games. Available to adults and juniors on a semester basis. The private semester format is offered at a discounted price. Contact us today to know more about this training course.

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In this training course, students improve their technical and movement skills through more challenging fun exercises and games. More focus is placed on optimizing technology and footwork as well as repetition and strength. Available for adults and juniors on a semester basis. The private semester format is offered at a discounted price. If you are unsure of your level or have questions, just get in touch.

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Advanced Training

This training course focuses more on match play, scoring games and exercises to develop analytical and strategic skills as well as physical conditioning. Areas such as technical fine-tuning, speed, endurance, state of mind and energy levels are emphasized. Available to adults and juniors (13 years +) on a semester basis. The private semester format is offered at a discounted price. Contact us for questions or to know more. 

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Tennislektioner Stockholm

Private Training

Private training gives students the flexibility to choose their own pace, frequency and training style. Students choose who participates in the course. Students get more games and more attention to detail in all areas of the game. All our training courses can be adapted to private format. Offered either in groups, couples or individually. Available in semester training, training blocks at discounted prices and occasional tennis lessons. Get in touch with questions.

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Juniors 10-18 year olds

Juniors build their confidence and technical and athletic skills through fun exercises and games. Regardless of age and level, all juniors learn strong technical and footwork basics so that they can make tennis a healthy outlet and get the benefits that tennis as a sport has to offer. Contact us today to learn more about our tennis courses.

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Tennis Östermalm

Clinics and camps

Clinics and camps give larger groups a complete overview of all technical types and basic movement through a series of fun exercises and games. Clinics and camps are happening more at a faster pace but are still a very engaging and interactive way to play and learn. Clinics are operated on two consecutive days (3 hours per day). Contact us to learn more about our clinics and camps.

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