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Nybörjare Träningskurs

In this course you will learn:

First we will go over the 3 most important criteria that you need to constantly look up to in order to make fast progress in your development as a player. These 3 criteria will be the light bulb that will help you make quality decisions in your development as a player.

We will then do a warm up where we will assess your natural athletic skills, your sense for the ball, your natural racquet usage and your natural footwork activity. 

Right after we will jump right into the development of your technical framework as a player starting with the forehand. We will you give you an outline of the four pillars that make up the framework of every shot which are transferable from the forehand into the backhand and later applies to the serve

We will make sure you understand these pillars at a deep level as we go through them one by one and the whys behind them since you will be using the same principles/pillars to build all your shots. These 4 main pillars are: 

1) How to find your own grip
2) How to use your arm for racquet acceleration
3a) How to use your body for power generation

3b) What not do with your body in order to get the most out of it
4) Timing (when and where to hit the ball)

*A fun exercise is played to test how much power you are able to generate at the moment with the recently learned tools to use it as the benchmark for future improvement and progress.

Then we will go over two important non-technical sources of powers:


-How to choose a racquet that helps your game
-How to choose your grip size and your strings

Raw muscle strenght

-The most important muscles for power in tennis

-Exercises for strengthening the key muscles are presented


-The pros and the cons of the one-handed and the two-handed backhand 

-What you will transfer from the forehand into the backhand and what you will adjust

-How to think about the backhand in a way that speeds up its learning and development

Ball Placement

-What determines placement of the ball in the court 

-Tools for better placement


*Basic drills for ball placement


-Which steps to use and which steps not to use to move efficiently in the court
-How to speed up your lateral and vertical movement
-Anticipation for court positioning (where to start and recover to and why)
-Tools to help you improve your movement in the court

*A simulation game is used to put in practice the learned tools
*Drills to put the newly learned footwork tools at practice


-How to approach the net and the attitude needed for it
-The usage of the arm and the wrist for successful volleying
-Technical and body positioning for successful volleying

*Basic drills for volley development


-The toss- where, how high and the two different ways of tossing
-The usage of the arm to create full extension, reach and acceleration
-The positioning and usage of the body to complement the acceleration of the arm
-The different attitudes of the 1st and 2nd serve


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